NJ Hotel Peak Demand Reduction Generator Project

Triad CEI begins a phased electrical engineering project to design an intelligent paralleling system to isolate the building load at this hotel property during peak utility demand periods.  The system will also serve as a full-building backup emergency system, with closed-transition capabilities, during utility outages. 

The first phase incorporated custom bus detailing for integration to existing electrical distribution and an integrated switchboard for quick roll-up generator connections. 

The second phase will expand upon gear already installed Phase 1, implementing an automatic Caterpillar paralleling control system, natural gas generator and SEL relaying with advanced metering technology for troubleshooting. 

Triad CEI will be providing the electrical engineering support to complete this project from preliminary zoning, planning board requirements and NJDEP air permitting through final startup and commissioning.  Not only does this system provide emergency backup power, it also generates a favorable return on investment.

Electrical Engineering Project