Dominican Republic Selects U.S.A. engineering company Triad Consulting Engineers, INC. for review

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Triad Consulting Engineers, Inc. has been an active consulting engineer and design-build firm in the Caribbean for over 20 years. A major hospital complex in the capitol, with a budget in excess of $16bn pesos ($325MM U.S.D.), is being built to the highest international standards.

MEP engineering company

The government embarked on a program to select a qualified U.S.A. engineering firm to review the construction program from the highest level to ensure that quality, progress and budgets were in line with pertinent regulations of the Dominican Republic, international building codes and international hospital standards; from design concept, equipment specifications, sequence of operations, equipment procurement, quality of construction materials, installation quality, to testing and commissioning.

Triad was engaged directly by “Ministerio Administrativo de la Presidencia” which reports directly to the President of the Dominican Republic. Triad Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a known entity in the Dominican Republic for 20 years engineering, designing and/or constructing power facilities, resorts, marinas, casinos, malls and hospitals. Based on Triad’s continued successful consulting and construction activities, the government reached out to Triad for this high-profile assignment. Triad was welcomed as a partner by the government in achieving excellence in quality and construction of government facilities.

Triad’s role is to review the initial design concepts and subsequent modifications to the design, starting with key professional engineering tasks:

· Architecture relevant to the IBC.

· Electrical engineering including power engineering, security, electronic systems and Building Management Systems.

· Mechanical engineering for HVAC, mechanical, pumping systems, medical gases, and filtration.

The next task is to review the material specifications for all systems


· Primary 15kV switchgear

· 2MW generators (5 ordered)

· Step up transformers

· Distribution switchgear

· Building electrical systems


· Security/cameras

· Hospital power for surgical/medical equipment


· Chillers

· Air handlers

· BMS sensors and interlocks

· Fuel pumping system

· Water filtration and pumping system

· Sprinkler system

· Miscellaneous support systems

· Medical gas distribution


Electrical Engineering:

· Ensure design and installation are per Regulation -003 and -010 of the Dominican codes – Direccion General de Reglamentos y Sistemas (DGRS).

· Review methodology of installation.

· Establish procedures for testing and commissioning.

Mechanical / HVAC Engineering:

· Ensure design and installation are per Regulation M-003 of the DGRS.

· Review methodology of installation.

· Establish procedures for testing and commissioning.

Triad is fortunate to be working with the assistance of the Lead Engineers from LEXCO, the premier Construction Manager (CM) in the Dominican Republic. Their engineers provided documents and drawings, as well as meeting daily with Triad’s engineers as they visited various sites of the major complex to review progress and quality of materials and installation.

The government has indicated praise for the work executed by Triad, on their behalf, and indicated Triad would be involved in future design and peer review projects in support of government projects.