Electrical Substations Low-Voltage Through 230kV

Triad was originally founded as a consulting firm specializing in substation design from 480V through 230kV.


Triad has designed hundreds of substations from indoor dry type radial 208V, to medium voltage secondary selective to 230kV systems including SCADA controls.  In today’s world where space is limited, installation costs are high.  Triad has designed and developed pre-packaged substations up to 34.5kV with stainless steel exteriors, multiple step-down voltage levels, SCADA controls, remote monitoring for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and renewable energy projects.  These substations up to 100 feet long have been craned onto building tops, shipped to foreign countries on barges and installed in remote solar sites.


In many high-density locations where the buildings were literally built around the substation, we have developed retrofit designs to bring existing substation to “like new” condition with new breakers, new transformer coils, new modern metering and controls – “all in place” saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and extending the life span of these substations 30-40 years.

15kV Fused Service Switchgear Reliability Upgrade

A 15kV service switchgear reliability project – to replace flooded equipment and relocate the new substation area above the 500-year floodplain.  New utility feeders were installed across an active roadway to bypass manholes which are constantly filled with water.   

  • Gavan-Graham low-height, Munsell green, 15kV service switchgear and a new customer-manhole were installed as part of this scope of work.

  • Existing 15kV, concrete-encased feeder ductbanks were intercepted to minimize required shutdowns.

Refurbishment of Existing 15kV - 480V, 3000A ITE Double-Ended Substations 

Complete refurbishment of existing 15kV - 480V, 3000A ITE double-ended substations in place, including primary switches and transformer coils.  Substations were stripped down to the steel structure and copper bus work. 

  • All control instruments, transformers and wiring were demolished.  Back pans with new control wiring were assembled in a factory to minimize field wiring during the weekend cutover. 

  • Circuit breakers were completely rebuilt and retrofitted with Utility Relay Co. trip units with arc flash mitigation.  This reduced the incident energy both at the substation bus and downstream equipment considerably for code-enhanced arc energy reduction measures. 

  • Methods of Procedure (MOPs) were developed and implemented to successfully perform all of this work over a weekend, from demolition to testing and commissioning, to minimize the effect on building operations.  

NJ Meadowlands Sports Authority  

New 38kV Utility Substation

(for New York Giants and Jets Stadium, Racetrack and Arena) 

Provided complete engineering design, specifications, bid support and project management support for the replacement of an existing outdoor OCB substation prior to Super Bowl XLVIII. 


  • Design included new 38kV substation installed in an existing adjacent building. New 35kV utility cables were installed below an existing pile supported concrete slab.

  • The substation was designed for three (3) incoming 26.4kV utility feeders from the street in a modified ring bus configuration. The new substation back-fed four (4) existing 10MVA transformers.

  • Design included new relaying protection, remote operator panels, new metering, redundant station battery system and a utility SCADA system.

  • Design included civil, structural, electrical and controls as well as load transfer procedures from existing outdoor substation to new indoor substation.

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Class 1, Division 2 Substation HVAC Retrofit

Provided complete engineering design, specifications, bid support and project management support for the replacement of existing obsolete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) serving a critical power substation located in a Class 1 Division 2 hazard area.  The substation was also expanded to support additional distribution. 


Design included developing a temporary substation pressurization sequence, removal of the obsolete equipment and installation of new HVAC equipment. The new equipment was installed on a new service platform to improve equipment service access and HVAC technicians’ safety.


Design included mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and controls as well as ventilation load transfer procedures from temporary HVAC unit to the new HVAC unit and the new HVAC unit “black” start-up operations.




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