Data Centers and Mission Critical Facilities

Since the late 1970’s Triad has been a leader in data center and mission critical facility design.  Triad has developed many of the Fortune 100 data centers in New York/New Jersey.  From early main frame design to modern day redundant server farms and colocation/white spaces, Triad has worked closely with the corporate engineering groups of these major Fortune 100 financial institutions to enhance the resiliency, protection and efficiencies of the installations.  From redundant 138kV dedicated power, mission critical multi-unit generation plants to “out of the box” resilient designs for low voltage and DC distribution systems, Triad has the experience and capabilities to get it done on time and within budget. 


North Jersey Data Center Expansion

Provided complete engineering design, specifications, bid support and project management support to provide additional UPS power and support for an existing data center including the installation of new switchboard, UPS system and distribution. 

  • Modification of existing raised flooring to accommodate new steel floor supports for new UPS and battery cabinets.

  • Modify and expand existing emergency distribution switchboard to include additional breakers to feed new ATS and UPS system.

  • Install new UPS I/O switchboard and PDU’s.

Earth Satellite Station – Hawaii – Phased Service & UPS Upgrades

After performing a site audit and inspection, a feasibility study was prepared to develop an upgrade strategy based upon budgets and equipment condition. 


Project designs were developed to minimize outages and exposure during cutovers, as the service entrance switchboard and redundant UPS modules were upgraded.  


Detailed cutover plans involved temporary roll-up generators and precise coordination with network operation centers (NOC’s) to maintain system operational integrity.  

NJ Hospital Data Center Cooling System Upgrade

Provided complete engineering design, specifications, bid support and project management support to provide additional heat rejection capacity for an existing data center, including additional new dry-coolers, energy efficient pumps and upgraded controls. 

  • Modification of existing building super-structure to accommodate new steel supports on the building roof for new dry-coolers and service platforms.

  • Modification and expansion of existing condenser water distribution system, including back-up piping risers between data center floor and roof-mounted equipment.

  • Installation of new back-up pumps for emergency operation.

  • Modification of the existing condenser water distribution system at the data center level to include Loop A and Loop B for better system resiliency during emergency operation.

Earth Satellite Station – Connecticut – New Generator with Remote Fuel Supply System

After performing a site audit and inspection, an upgrade strategy was developed based upon congested site restrictions and equipment condition. 


Project design was developed to minimize service outages as the new generator and the associated fuel supply system were installed.  


Detailed cutover plans involved precise coordination with network operation centers (NOC’s) and timely services switch-overs during the critical installation phases.